Selecting The Right Sofa!

Buying a sofa is the right step towards giving your living room a makeover! But did you ever wonder what sofa style will fit best into your living space? It can be compelling for the sofa to fit into the overall aesthetic and measurements of the space but at the end of the day, the arrangement needs to work for your lifestyle.

Arrangement for small living room

For a small space that is fit for one or two individuals, it is ideal to have a comfortable sofa to relax and unwind! It is crucial to select a compact and versatile piece that works best in a small space. A loveseat and Recliner would work great in such a space and serve their purpose. 

Medium-Sized Living room 

This type of space can accommodate more entertainment and with the right size seating, you can easily add a loveseat and sofa. You can consider having the loveseat a different color to go with the hues of your space or you can opt for the classic same color set that comes with a 3-seater sofa. Your guests will be delighted and so will you!

For this type of space we recommend:

  • One 3-seater sofa 
  • One Loveseat 
  • The space can also accommodate a small to midsize coffee table and an entertainment unit 


Arrangement for large living room

With a spacious living room,  your arrangement possibilities are endless. The space can be inclusive of conversation and casual entertaining. You can consider this floor plan with two 3-seater sofas facing each other, and two accent chairs, which creates a separate space and includes the living room.

 A second arrangement to consider for a large space is the layout below! 

This layout is perfect for the space that you want to divide. Sectional sofas are great at doing that without the need for a room divider. 

  • A Sectional Sofa can accommodate more guests with maximized seating.
  • It is great for families with more than three individuals and it gives each person their own space and lounging comfort.
  • If you have overnight guests, ditch the guest mattress! Simply rearranged the sectional to provide sleep space!
  • You can also rearrange it to fit your desired design. 

Keep in mind

  • Measure your space before making the purchase
  • Measure the sofa, or if you are shopping online always look at the product’s dimensions;  you can use painter's tape to physically map out the sofa on your floors to see if it will be a good fit. 
  • Have a few sofa combinations and design ideas in mind for your layout 

Built to Last

Find sectionals, sofas, and loveseats that fit your space and style. These exquisite pieces of furniture are ideal for the living room, bedroom, or even your office!