The Ultimate Leather Furniture Care Guide

This complete guide will make you a leather care expert and make your leather furniture last a lifetime!

Leather sofas are a big investment, like any other furniture they need care and maintenance; when properly cared for, all leathers keep their special look and feel. We’ve built this handy ultimate guide for you to jump towards expertise and get to know all the useful tips and tricks. Don’t get overwhelmed, we will be here every step of the way so that you can jump back on your couch and cozy up!

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Anything that is unique and exclusive will most likely not have a duplicate. Same goes for genuine leather, it’s important to keep in mind that genuine leather has natural wrinkles, colors and texture variations.

There are 4 main characteristics or “blemishes” of genuine natural leather: scratches, wrinkles, Insect bites and natural healed scars. These “kisses of nature” enhance the overall appeal of truly premium leather and are not considered defects.

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Did you know? Exposure to UV rays can cause sunspots, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. We bet you did, but it's worth repeating because direct sunlight can have that exact effect on your leather furniture. Leather is naturally porous so it will release moisture and natural oils if it is exposed to direct excessive light or heat. So, keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight and make sure your space is properly humidified. Don't worry you won't have to keep moving your furniture away from the sunlight, just get some roller shades, pull drapes or UV filtering window film to block direct sunlight during the day!


It can be satisfying to clean your bathroom and kitchen with detergents and household products but they are off limits for your beautiful high quality leather! Also worth avoiding; steamers and leather cleaners. A steamer will ruin your leather if the temperature is not right or if the steamer is too close to the surface! Leather cleaners use oils and chemicals that can have negative effects on your leather. These products will leave your leather damaged and there is no going back. Sometimes, the old classic way with water and soap is the way to go!

Opt for a safer and simple way to clean your leather couch!

  • Maintain surface appearance and texture by gently wiping your leather once a week with a clean dry cloth or vacuum with a soft brush. This will remove dust and buildup.
  • We recommend using microfiber cloth to preserve the leather’s natural shine and to avoid leaving lint fibers on your leather.
  • Dab spills immediately using a soft cloth.
  • Remove spills and grease by gently blotting up the spill with a clean cloth, moisten cloth with water and a neutral colorless soap and wipe the stain from the outside toward the center. Remove any residual soap with a damp cloth, and dry the area with a clean towel.
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That favorite spot on the leather sofa could eventually have more wear than other spots on your couch! To avoid this from happening, and to keep your cushions looking fluffy and new, avoid sitting in one area and use the seating areas evenly. If you have removable cushions then you are in luck! You can keep that favorite spot on the couch and just move around the cushions frequently to avoid wear in one spot.


  • Leather can be damaged by animals. Allowing pets on your leather furniture is not recommended. Their claws may scratch the leather which can lead to an expensive repair.
  • Leather has limited elasticity. This means that when stretched, it does not completely return to its original shape. When furniture is used more or less intensively, the leather may become loose overtime. This is sometimes referred to as puddling.
  • Avoid leaning, sitting or reaching over the back of the sofa. If pillow cushions are sewn to the frame, any pulling or tugging might result in a tear.

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